I always find it fascinating to observe myself and others from different frames of reference. I guess that is my curiosity to understand who I actually am. The good thing about this is that, I love the fact that I contine to remain perplexed.
When I think about why we take birth and what the current education system prepares us for, I find there is a clear bias towards the external social, political and economic structure. Which means that the innate tendencies or potential with which we take birth gets the beating of the education system which kinds of prepares us for the market and society with all its strange constructs so that we are able to lead a comfortable life.

In this process of going through a certain structure, we tend to lose our own true self or in simple terms – our actual potential probably gets lost somewhere. May not be for everyone but surely for a lot of us.

Thus I feel that if we try to subserve human mind to this structure which has been created, we are in a way kind of stunting the natural process of learning and saying that you have to pass so and so exams, get so and so marks and get so and so job so that you become this or that as that is what will be able to give u the requisite financial security and social status that you need.

In this entire process of forcing an individual’s mind to suit a certain market or system of society, arn’t we constantly aborting the mind which probably can do much better that what this imperfect structure wants him to do?