Some of our purchase decisions….

You need a cell phone? Go and buy the model of your choice from your most reliable outlet- Done

You want to stay in a hotel? check out the options online, confirm the bookings- Done

You want to take a flight ? Go to Done

You want your kid to be educated? Send him/her to school. Done ?????

The challenge with education unlike other some products and services is that its a process which happens on a seamless basis and goes beyond the boundaries of institutions which offer ‘education’. Children learn at home, from outside community, while playing with their friends, from strangers, from media and yes from school too!!!

The education of a child thus can’t be relegated to the responsibility of schools alone; it is only a decision of convenience since thats the only formal, visible point of ‘actual delivery of education service’. The way different people behave and carry themselves in life is a function of this process of education that they have gone through- Not just in schools but from a plethora of other places- home being of prime importance.

Since one single institution can’t take complete ownership of the education of a child on account of several other factors affecting the thinking process, the goal of educating a child becomes all the more complex.

Thus its critical for the educators to demystify the equation of learning, where different variables have different weightages. And within each variable there are further multiple subvariables. Experiments in alternate methods of running schools are, in effect attempts at toying with these multiple subvariables of schools for a better answer to this conundrum.

I believe, if there is so much heterogeniety in the way we look at education and hence our methods, the journey towards a consensus on education policies is going to be arduous and will probably take several decades before we really get the best answers which will solve the problem of education in the country as a whole.

Till then, we will keep experimenting and learning….