If teachers in schools start looking at their students in terms of the potential in them, it may be useful to understand how to nurture the talent of each child. Instead of using a simplistic straight jacket approach of evaluating each child on scores in different subjects, schools need to focus on areas which are essential in becoming successful in the professional world today.  For example skills like multitasking,  communication, online collaboration, team work, innovation, creativity, result orientation, relationship with people different from oneself are very critical attributes in today’s professions. Many a times the gaps that we see in the professionals at advanced stages of their lives could have been eliminated had somehow the same been brought to the notice of the child and his/her parents.

For example children who are better at communication and also in using logic, reasoning and interpretation of details can be more suited for law related courses. Similarly children who are really not good at say interpersonal skills, need to take that as an area of improvement and work towards that accordingly. Or say a child’s ability to accept different opinions or ability to maintain (or not maintain) calm despite situation going wrong are important aspects which generally can’t be taught but if a child is given feedback on these areas of strengths and weaknesses, they would be able to take action towards it based on the professional aspirations they nurture in their hearts.