First batch of kids for 'School of Life' program

First batch of kids for 'School of Life' program


Look at the joy in their eyes 🙂

We at Anupam Kher foundation had a more formal launch of the ‘School of Life’ program of education for children from lesser privileged background.

The objective of the program is to work in two areas:

1. To improve the learning capacity of children by using child centric methods so as to make learning more joyous and
2. Work towards developing life skills in children so that they can build their capacities of expression, critical thinking, analysis, problem solving capacity etc.

The aim is to understand the children and their learning styles better so that we are able to faciliate a process whereby learning takes place naturally in the kids. Once the kids start developing a mind which is inquisitive and keen to know more and more about things around, the children can then become students of ‘School of Life’.

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