The group of children that we are working with at the ‘School of Life’ program come from low income communities from Andheri(west)- one of the suburbs in Mumbai.

Most of these children are getting their education in vernacular medium schools- predominantly Marathi medium. There is almost no exposure to English for most of them.  On the flip side, with English as a language of communication gaining eminence, it is essential for these children to start developing their command over English. If they don’t do it they may lose out in the long run.

As Locke stated that children find it easier to grasp things that are communicated in their mother tongue as compared to using a foreign language for the purpose, in India we have created another complexity particularly for children from low income strata by putting an added responsibility of learning a language which no one can speak to them either in their schools or at their home.

Our efforts are directed to drive the fear of learning English away from their minds so that they gradually pick this language as they move along in their journey.