Children love plants, experimentation and outings.

The present batch of students with whom we are working, fall in the age group of 10-14 years. and their vacations are going to start 10 days from now.  We are conceptualizing a summer vacation program around the theme of environment.

Environment as a theme offers immense opportunities of learning particularly from the stand point of its connectedness to different streams of knowledge like Science, Maths, Geography, Literature and even Arts. The idea is to build the program around two themes within the larger umbrella of environment and involve different methods of learning using movies, skits, art work and finally culminate it into a project work where they create something which could be of use to their community at large. The intent is to have most of the learning happen outside the classrooms as thats what kids love and also thats where you can experience the lessons of environment with clarity using real life examples.

Since rainy season is around the corner, we are focussing on coming out with a project which might help them connect  the theme with the season so that the learning happens ‘naturally’.

Will share more as we finalize on the ideas. Exciting times ahead 🙂

This project is being supported by an expert from Center for Environment Education

You can write to me at for any interest in volunteering. The program is based out of Mumbai, India