Barry Schwartz delivered a very illuminating talk on TED based on his book ‘The Paradox of Choice’.

He builds a very interesting case on how the increase in choice which is based on the premise of increasing our freedom, actually ends up in negatively influencing our state of mind leading to a paradoxical situation.

The fact that there is so much to choose from in any thing you lay your hands or eyes on,  surely gives us liberty to actually try out a number of options before we zero-in on one but it definitely doesn’t lead us to complete satisfaction, since after making that choice we rarely get to assure ourselves that what we chose was actually the best option.

This is something that probably a lot of us might have experienced whenever we try to surf through the internet, or when we go and buy an apparel or pair of shoes, or surf through various channels on TV.  Its actually funny.  

Looking at the increasing trend towards consumerism, I really can’t anticipate choices to suddenly peter down. Thus it would be imperative on the part of individuals to develop that capacity to actually train the mind to effortlessly just focus on what we choose without having any attachment towards what we don’t choose.

That journey towards effortlessness would surely call for immense effort on the part of teachers to help children develop that kind of poise but its a quality which is worth developing if we want a society at peace.