Freedom as a key to Growth

Freedom as key to Growth


Freedom is a fundamental prerequisite for growth to happen. If we want our children to flourish and to evolve as strong and able individuals, we can’t do it unless we are able to provide them an atmosphere where they are free to explore things, understand things by their own intellect and develop in the process.

Many a times we see that individuals who show a lot of promise during their pre profession lives, struggle or become jaded when they join certain organizations after completing their academic life. They become routine in their pursuits and then we hear about that proverbial rat race.

The state of that individual who meets obstruction in growth is exactly like that leaf in the above image which meets a ceiling. All the leaves down below get their required nourishment and key environmental condition of freedom and hence they look fresh but the one which meets this hard structure, finds itself constrained and it shows in its growth (or rather lack of it)

Thus freedom of mind is not just a necessary condition for growth of children, but it is also a condition which can provide immense benefits to corporations if they understand how to design this condition in their work environment.

Its certain that any individual who has learnt to live with responsibility in an atmosphere characterised by freedom, would any day contribute better if the work environment respects this essential Law of Nature.