Maths lesson begins with Creativity

Maths lesson begins with Creativity

Its summer vacation time for children. Children are in no mood to open their books. đŸ™‚

We are cautious that they don’t perceive any lesson as a burden. Yesterday we had planned to play a Maths game with the kids using dice. Children were expected to do mathematical operations with the numbers that appeared in the dice and they were supposed to have a competition around that. The objective was to help them build their calculation skills.

At the beginning of the game, we realized that it would be useful to spend few minutes on the shape of a die. The conversation lead to children being asked to prepare a die of their own. They figured out the method to do that and that then went on to discussion about squares, area of surface of a die, volume of a cube and so on.

The children got really excited to see that something which they had seen come as an accessory with some of their indoor games, carried interesting lessons on Maths for them.

The die in the above image was made by one of the kids- Poonam.

Thus what we planned as a game, gave way to an altogether different game with children spending almost an hour in toying with their new added skill. When children love something, its a sheer joy to see them work towards it. Its complete alignment of mind, body and spirit.

I hope we are able to proceed with the ‘planned’ game next time. đŸ™‚

But does that really matter?