There is a child in our batch who is 13 yrs old. He is not regular in attending to the classes and also has indicated clear signs of having problems in paying attention.

The results of the exams were declared and he failed in his 5th grade. This is the second time that he could not clear his exams and so the teacher says that he will have to repeat his class.

His mother has studied till 4th grade and father till 12th grade. Father has never shown any interest in understanding what can help this boy in studying.

The question in front of all of us is, considering the fact that the child has to repeat another year in the same class with the same teachers but with children who are younger than him and see his friends elevate to the next grade, what is the mental state that he is going to attend his classes with.

The science of child development states that 13 years is an age when the child starts to understand his own identity in his surroundings. He is very careful about how the society perceives him. Its the onset of the famous teen age with its variegated issues.

By nature this boy is quite lively when he is involved in any sport and is also quite helpful but somehow books have never captured his attention. He runs away from it. Probably he detests them now.

In such a situation when a child is pulled on one side by the tension of establishing his identity amongst his peers and on the other hand he has to grapple with the baggage that he is not fit for studying in the subsequent grade, how does he manage this duality? What kind of support is called for from the part of the teacher who is going to see this boy yet again in the classroom? What kind of support is expected from his parents who are almost devoid of any understanding of child psychology though I am sure they love their child? What kind of attitude should this boy’s friends have towards him? What shouldbe our approach to deal with him? What all factors can we influence in this entire interplay of forces.

Is there any easy answer to allow this child to fight his own limitations and at the same time manage the attitude of the society around him.

Its one of the most difficult situations that a child can find himself in.  Shouldn’t our schools match upto the needs of such situations?

I just hope we are able to understand our role with complete clarity and live up to its demands.