Our memory of visual imagery is quite strong during our childhood days and gradually the world of words and meanings gains precedence. Thats one of the reasons why kids probably love stories as they get a joy out of visualizing fairies, witches,  Vikram and Betaal, Pinoccio, Cinderalla etc. As adults probably we may not be able to appreciate these characters too much.

In one of our sessions recently, we introduced kids to the story of Natalie du Toit who is an ace swimmer and how even after meeting a terrible accident at a very young age, leading to her losing one leg she continued her passion and successfully proved her might even in Olympics.

Her message is

The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals;
The tragedy of life lies in not having goals to reach for.
It is not a disgrace not to reach for the stars,
But it is a disgrace not to have stars to reach for.

Isn’t it remarkable !The eternal power of human spirit I guess.

We shared this story and children listened to it with rapt attention.  We showed them the image on a computer and they were excited to have a small image of hers with them.

Interestingly, in my next session I forgot to get the image of  Natalie but they didn’t forget to ask for that image. They kept on reminding me and I kept on testing their ‘need’ to have that image with them. Finally they each got a copy after close to 10 days or so.

I surely can’t say that they suddenly became more determined towards their goals from the next day. Nothing like that.  But I just feel that if the image stays with them, they may exceed their self imposed limitations and shine through the problems that they encounter in their lives. It may happen in the near future or it may happen late.