This blog is maintained by me- Ujjwal Banerjee. By training I am a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA. I worked with the corporate sector for three years in marketing and consulting fields.  At present I am working with Anupam Kher Foundation out of Mumbai to conceptualize and implement a program in education for fostering interest in learning amongst lesser priviledged children and training them on life skills.

We have just started to travel along this journey….

I have keen interest in the field of Education and strengthening Democracy through active Citizenship. My interests draw me to subjects pertaining to education theories, philosophy, psychology etc. In this blog I shall restrict my thoughts to education alone with the intent of sharing my perspectives with like minded people to open channels for further learning and insight.

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I love to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and since past couple of years I have thoroughly enjoyed the priviledge of meeting and sharing my thoughts in public forums across Mumbai city.

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